Corporate Law

Our team assists with a wide range of services required throughout the whole life cycle of a company from the formation to on-going corporate law advice. Our team also has extensive experience in assisting corporate reorganizations and restructurings working in close collaboration with tax and financial advisors to create the most efficient outcome for clients.

We regularly advise a wide array of businesses from small and medium sized enterprises and start-ups through to institutional investors, family run organizations and multinationals on every aspect of corporate law: formation, structuring, housekeeping, director responsibilities, shareholder activism, corporate governance, buy-outs and exits; takeovers and mergers, listings, private equity and venture capital investment and access to funding.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team represents international and domestic buyers and sellers in their merger and acquisition activities. We provide cutting edge legal advice that helps clients tailor particular acquisition schemes; to the extent required by synthesizing rather unconventional corporate forms (foundations, English law trusts) or through introduction of structural elements such as spin offs, joint ventures and mergers.

Our ample track record in complex M&A transactions enables us to provide practical and innovative legal advice to our clients. The firm`s success in M&A transactions stems from our deep understanding of the commercial risks and objectives of our clients.

Personal data is an increasingly valuable business asset across the globe for various industries. Compliance with the rapidly changing data protection laws, on the other hand, has exceeded beyond being a legal issue. It has also become a matter of reputational concern since failure to comply with the legislation may significantly compromise a company`s image among consumers.

We have developed in-depth experience over the years in advising on data protection matters in various sectors including retail, automotive and logistics. Our solution oriented approach and commercial perception allows us to assist our clients effectively in building the necessary legal infrastructure for data protection and security without disrupting their business.

Within the scope of our data compliance compliance projects we typically:

– Analyze the flow of personal data throughout the company, conduct a due diligence on the current position of the company as to the compliance with data protection legislation,

– Determine the required remedying actions for the incompliances and risks identified with the due diligence report, provide training to the relevant employees of the client company,

– Draft necessary board resolutions, agreements, policies, procedures and other legal texts to implement the remedying actions.

Building on our unrivalled experience we advise on every aspect of the project management from inception through building to completion and operation. We understand energy, mining, infrastructure and construction projects: how they are managed; where problems occur; and the underlying commercial imperatives. We use this insight to add value to transactions and resolve disputes for foreign clients from around the world.

Our expertise covers procurement strategies, contract documentation, project advice, dispute avoidance and dispute resolution. We provide strategic guidance to forestall potential problems throughout a project. With lawyers who are specialists in their field, we deliver prompt, reliable and pragmatic legal advice, including guidance on:

– Project support,

– Procurement strategies,

– Contract documents,

– Commercial issues,

– Dispute avoidance,

– Dispute resolution and litigation.

We advise and represent companies, private individuals and employees in all aspects of employment law. Our extensive experience in employment litigation adds value and strengthens our advisory services in this area. Our employment practice includes:

– Contract review

– Benefits and pensions

– Restructuring and reorganizations, transfer of employees

– Company policies – Confidentiality agreements and restrictive covenants

– Work and residence permits

– Due diligence of employment matters – Individual and collective redundancies

– Litigation and mediation

Our team also provides our clients with periodical trainings in employment law to remain up-to-date on current laws and practices.

We pride ourselves with our tailored approach in most complex litigation cases. Our team works closely with our clients to avoid the potential risks of litigation wherever possible in view of the commercial and reputational risks.

We regularly update our clients throughout the judicial process and provide an assessment of the overall proceeding. Our clients have always found it crucial for them to comprehend the possible outcomes and position themselves accordingly. Our strategic planning ahead and detail oriented approach for each individual case has contributed to our success before the courts over the years.

We frequently address civil disputes particularly regarding administrative law, commercial, consumer protection, employment, infrastructure, real estate and construction, customs and international trade and shareholder disputes.

Our team is also well experienced in arbitration, mediation, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgment awards and debt recovery services.

Our team has substantial knowledge and experience in multifaceted real estate transactions, including complex, multi-jurisdictional financing, acquisition, disposition and leasing transactions.

We regularly advise foreign clients in purchasing real estate in Turkey. Our specialists assist foreign buyers dealing with all of the necessary administrative and civil procedures.

Our team also provides litigation, arbitration and enforcement proceeding services in disputes arising out of agreements and relationships with administrative institutions.


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